Tube fly wallet. LARGE. Brown leather & fly in gold


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Size: 12x20cm
Holds 35 tube flies inside up to 4cm fly body length.
Great fly wallet to carry your favorite flies.

Main features:
1. The sides of the wallet are hardened with my patent protected invention, therefore fly wallet maintain nice shape of ellipse and protects the flies from being squeezed. Patent No. 1989.
hardened sides from edge to edge. These fly wallets perform like any other casual fly box. So the flies are totally protected inside. Nevertheless, the wallets bend in the middle easily as should.
2. Pins are made of cooper, therefore they will not rust.
3. Leather is sealed with special bees vax mixture in order to provide water resistance and voiding of loosing its shape.
4. Finished with 3 layers of varnish.
5. Contains no plastic.

Making my accessories I use high quality vegetable tanned leather, which is most suitable for these kind of accessories and artistic applications.
I dye leather, paint it, varnish it, do stitching and assembling by hand. These accessories are handmade from scratch and each of them is unique and a bit different from each other, one of the kind with its own character.