Guideline Double Side Stillwater Flybox


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This large double side waterproof fly box is perfect when you need to carry a boat load of flies or if you like to have larger boxes for storage of flies that you re-fill other boxes with during season.

The contruction is very solid and the box is waterproof. The weight is 893grams (panzer wagon!!) and it can take a lot of beating, laying around in the boat or rattling in your bags. The box is double sided and each side opens separately with it’s own locker mechanism.

The size is 295mm long x 210mm wide (almost like a A4 paper sheet). Thickness is 54mm that give a free height of 25mm pr. side that is plenty for storing flies with tall wings like mayflies etc.. There are 11 rows with slit foam on each side, each row has 32 slits where you can place your flies. This gives a total of 352 slits pr side or 704 in total for the whole fly box